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Boost your
Cyber-Security Posture

The Managed Firewall or Next-Generation Firewall services from AtmosSecure are designed to provide businesses with the greatest security protections possible. Whether you’re looking for cloud-based solutions or commercial firewall software, our expert staff has got you covered.

AtmosSecure ensures that your network is protected from cyber threats around the clock. With our Next-Gen Firewall software, discover the best fit for your business needs and have peace of mind knowing that your cybersecurity is in the hand of professionals.

Round the Clock Protection

Advanced threats require round the clock protection to combat threats in realtime.

Access to Experts

Cybersecurity talent is expensive and hard to find, you get that with AtmosSecure MFAAS.

High Risk Enviroment

Industry is facing high risk with ransomware attacks, prevent it by monthly subscription.

Latest Threat Intelligence

Our cybersecurity expeerts leverages the latest threat intelligence to manage your cybersecurity.

Reduce the Cost

Save the cost required to buy expensive security hardware, software and expert resource just a monthly subscription.

Be Proactive

Managed services brings proactive approach to patch management, upgrades and other capabilities.

Leverage the power of Next generation firewall

Your IT team wears multiple hats, juggling various responsibilities, and managing cybersecurity in-house can be challenging due to limited bandwidth, expertise, and access to the latest cybersecurity tools. But fear not, with Managed Firewall as a Service, we put a full stop to these challenges.

Our Managed Firewall solution offers a comprehensive suite of features including application awareness, anti-virus, anti-spyware, IPS&IDS, URL filtering, botnet protection, geo-location blocking, and Zero-day protection.

Simplify Your Security Workflow with Managed Firewall Solutions

AtmosSecure comes with flexible subscription plans suitable to your business needs and sizes, it is for businesses of all sizes.


Configuration Backup, Reporting, Threat Reporting.


Upgrading & patching, Incident alert & proactive monitoring.


URL filtering, Threat Prevention & DNS Security Enblement.

Managed Service

Access Experts with Best Firewall Solutions

Be Proactive and Increase Repsonse Time

Access to Experts

Get access to experts from the cybersecurity industry managing your security.

Round the Clock Protection

Enhance the security of your orgnization with round the clock protection.

Scalable Security As per your need

Need not to procur new security device everytime, instead scale subscription.

Proactive Risk Assesment

Nice thing about managed security is, your network goes through regular scans.

More time to focus on your business

Leave cybersecurity to experts and focus on integral business objective.

Auto Compliance Reporting

Increasing stringent rules on cybersecurity, managed services enables compliance automation.

24/7 Realtime Security Monitoring and Incident Response

Hardware replacement is possible with easy steps, bring AtmosSecure in action to your organization.

Easy Deployment, Flexible Subscription

Managed Next Generation Firewall Services - ELITE

Sr.NoFeature/OfferingsAtmosSecure BasicAtmosSecure Advance
1Support window (Telephone, Web & Email)24×724×7
2Incident & Services Request Support✔✔
3Manage Upgrades & patching✔✔
4Hardware Replacement✔✔
5Configuration backup✔✔
7Security Features :  Application awareness, Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, IPS&IDS, URI filtering, Botnet protection, Geo-location blocking and Zero day protection✔✔
8Proactive Threat Monitoring×✔

Easy Deployment, Flexible Subscription

Managed Next Generation Firewall Services

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