Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

Monitor with Complete Visibility

AtmosSecure’s SOC service enables your IT team to gain complete visibility within your infrastructure, active directory and cloud.

As a leading Security Operations Center (SOC) service provider, we specialize in delivering comprehensive managed SOC services to safeguard your digital assets. With a focus on proactive cybersecurity measures, our team of experts ensures a secure environment by detecting and responding to potential threats effectively. Explore our managed SOC solutions and join the league of businesses that trust AtmosSecure to keep their networks safe and resilient.

Accurate Threat Detection

AtmosSecure gives threat detaction with advanced and dynamic threat intelligence models.

Comprehensive Visualisation

Swill raw data such as logs, packets and provide realtime asset, apps and user interactions.

Promotes Compliance

Support your team in the extreme busy time of IT audits with HIPPA, PCI-DSS and NIST reports.

Get Comprehensive Visibility

Get complete visibility of what's happening in your Infrastructure, Active Directory and Cloud.

Remediate Threat Proactively

Protect and remediate threats proactively before they act as an incident.

Get Complete Monitoring

Get 24x7x365 security monitoring with AtmosSecure

Threat containment and reporting

Combat threat and prepare containment zone, get realtime updates.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Managed SOC

Our AI-powered Smart SOC solutions detect and respond to threats in real time, protecting your digital assets from potential intrusions. With our expert staff at control, you can remain ahead of new risks while focusing on key business tasks. Our industry-leading pricing model offers cost-effective protection that is tailored to your individual requirements.

Experience superior peace of mind as we strengthen your cybersecurity defenses and keep your surroundings secure around the clock.

Investigate and respond quickly to vulnerabilities with AtmosSecure

AtmosSecure enables your security teams to Identify root cause of the incidents and AIML Analysis reduces the risk of the future.


Automate Threat Containment and Elimination


Reduce the overburden of your security teams


Get relavant and actionable alerts in real time

Harnessing the Power of AI in Our Managed SOC Services

Exprience the power of AI

Real Time Correlation

This helps in co-relate with theart models such as insider attacks, spoofing or email attacks. Enables faster resolution.

Security Incident Response/Escalation

Automate the processes for security incidents responce and escaltion in that matter if needed.

Automated Threat Containment

Combat the threats before it hearts your network and gives you containment alert in prior time.

Customized Reporting

Get customer reports based on your oragnizational needs and specific to your security objectives.

AI & ML Driven Threat Models

Power of artificial intelleigence and machine learning sets AtmosSecure high when comparing with traditional soc solutions.

Log Complaince Management

IT teams certainly required compliance reports for their audit cycles, AtmosSecure SOC gives you ready HIPPA and PCI compliance reports.

Incident History

Provides you with complete incident history to know what type of the attacks is arising.

24/7 Realtime Security Monitoring and Incident Response

Enhance the security posture of your organization and provide continous monitoring with 24×7.

Easy Deployment, Flexible Subscription

Managed Next Generation Firewall Services - ELITE

Sr.NoFeature/OfferingsAtmosSecure BasicAtmosSecure Advance
1Support window (Telephone, Web & Email)24×724×7
2Incident & Services Request Support✔✔
3Manage Upgrades & patching✔✔
4Hardware Replacement✔✔
5Configuration backup✔✔
7Security Features :  Application awareness, Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, IPS&IDS, URI filtering, Botnet protection, Geo-location blocking and Zero day protection✔✔
8Proactive Threat Monitoring×✔

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