Defend digital gateways confidently

Extended user journeys opens up new threat surface
that harms your brand heavily.

Banks are on the top minds of attackers

Increased digital transactions, more connected apps and weak cyber-security in financial companies has delivered a tremendous growth for cybercriminals to be their victim. Data breach results in heavy loss and recovery is time consuming.

How we can support?

Protect all type of financial organizations

Teams of Cyber Experts

Enhance Security Posture

Help you to stay resilient

How we can support?

Help You To Stay
Enhance Security
Protect All Type Of Manufacturing Organizations
Teams Of Cyber

Mitigate the Risks

It’s important to mitigate the risks that leading to increased threat landscape, we bring you visibility to this risk to gain better understanding of the threats from where they are coming what are the objectives of the attackers and what are their purpose of doing this. We put ourselves in to your place to visualize and demonstrate the business risk involved in this.

AtmosSecure financial cyber security solutions involves standalone SaaS product that can be deployed in to your premises or a managed comprehensive service that minimize the risk. This help you gain visibility outside your organization, identify threat vectors, co-relate the scenarios and remediation instantly.

Focus on Right Security

Increased use of cloud and more connected services are advantage for the cyber criminals as they have turn their interest more towards a cloud based attacks in the financial sectors. Social chains have been a proven techniques of the cyber criminals as people click phishy links to get a reward, they try to give sensitive details, this equally affects to the bank employees as well as the other customers. While financial institutions focusing on the enhanced user experience and more flexibility to the users cyber security is neglected due to limited talent and IT Funds.


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