Every organization needs a data leakage protection (DLP) it is a strategy to ensure end users to prevent sensitive and confidential data from being improperly accessed or deleted.

An Overview

Every organization needs data leakage protection (DLP) it is a strategy to ensure end-users to prevent sensitive and confidential data from being improperly accessed or deleted. It is a set of technologies, products and techniques to focus on the protection of valuable, sensitive or regulated data, such as medical records, financial data and intellectual property. It results from system failure such as data breaches, cyber-attacks and much more technologies have become an essential part for today’s business.

Today, in our blog post we will check about DLP and its important points to consider while deploying the solution.

What is Data Leakage Protection?

DLP is a program that can be also referred as tools and techniques allows monitor and manage the confidential and sensitive data to prevent from unauthorized end users that it cannot transmitted maliciously or accidentally.

Also, DLP technologies are broadly divided into two categories – Enterprise DLP and Integrated DLP.

Enterprise DLP solutions most comprehensive software for desktops, servers, physical and virtual appliances for monitoring networks and email traffic for data discovery. Integrated DLP allows to deploy data security for a part of the cost and time of traditional enterprise DLP solutions.

While Enterprise DLP solutions are comprehensive and packaged in agent software for desktops and servers, physical and virtual appliances for monitoring networks and email traffic, or soft appliances for data discovery, Integrated DLP is limited to secure web gateways (SWGs), secure email gateways (SEGs), email encryption products, enterprise content management (ECM) platforms, data classification tools, data discovery tools, and cloud access security brokers (CASBs).

Why DLP Solutions are important for your Business?

The Most of  2021 Data Breach Investigations Report revealed that more than 20% of security incidents involved insiders. It is estimated that a business will fall victim to a cyberattack every 11 seconds in 2021. External threats are not the only cause for concern for companies.


Data loss can impact business heavily in terms of financial loss and can damage your brand name. As indicated by the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021, global average data breach costs rose from $3.86 million to $4.24 million in 2021. Apart from financial losses, data loss can result in loss of productivity, revenue and clients. It can also damage your company’s reputation — a long-term negative impact of data loss.


Therefore, a data loss prevention strategy is essential to secure your business-critical data, protect intellectual property and stay compliant with regulations. DLP systems ensure that your company’s confidential/classified data is not lost, mishandled or accessed by unauthorized users.

What are types of Data Loss Prevention?

Network DLP

Network DLP solutions provide greater visibility into your company’s network, thereby allowing you to monitor and control the flow of information via the company’s network, email or web. DLP software helps you analyze network traffic and establish security policies to mitigate data loss risks while ensuring you remain compliant with regulations. By enforcing security policies, DLP software can perform certain pre-set actions, such as allow, block, flag, audit, encrypt or quarantine suspicious activities that violate your company’s information security policies.

Endpoint DLP

Endpoint devices, such as desktops and laptops, are the primary tools of modern business. New research by vArmour revealed that 76% of U.S. employees have inappropriate access to sensitive data. Endpoint DLP solutions monitor endpoint devices, such as servers, computers, laptops and mobile devices, on which your company’s critical information is used, moved and stored. This helps prevent your sensitive data from loss or being misused by unauthorized individuals.

Cloud DLP

Cloud is extensively used by enterprises, business data and applications to a cloud environment, cloud DLP is vital to ensure business-critical workloads are not leaked, lost or mishandled. Cloud DLP solutions protect your data stored in the cloud by encrypting sensitive data and ensuring that the data is sent to only those cloud applications that are authorized by your company. Advance DLP solutions proved by Network Techlab are capable of identifying, classifying, removing or modifying confidential data before it is shared to a cloud environment to protect your data from cyberthreats, malicious insiders and accidental exposure.

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