SASE is the abbreviation for Secure Access Service Edge. It can be considered as an ‘emerging’ or rather trending concept in corporate cybersecurity.

What is it?

According to the opinion of the cyber security head of Network Techlab – the leading Palo Alto partner in Mumbai, SASE is an amalgamation of WAN (Wide Area Network) and a myriad of cybersecurity solutions like Zero Trust, CASB and FWaaS. The solutions work in tandem and are packaged into a single cloud-based corporate cybersecurity solution.

SASE is highly customizable as it can be modeled for an enterprise based on the –

Why SASE is emerging as a cybersecurity ‘must-have’?

The reason is simple –

SASE cybersecurity architecture comes with the innate ability to identify devices as well as users. Furthermore, it also comes with the ability to apply policy-based security. In simple words, the security parameters will be on par with the unique policies of the enterprise it is protecting.


SASE cybersecurity architecture is the perfect solution for enterprise managers who want to make sure that their workforce and their clients have secure access to an application or databases.


In a nutshell, SASE allows enterprises to keep their IT infrastructure and online business portals such as official websites, e-stores, etc. safe by making secure access the norm all the while ensuring content is available to authorized users irrespective of their location around the globe.

Gartner Report on SASE

According to experts at Gartner, by the end of 2024, more than forty per cent of enterprises across the globe will adopt SASE.

SASE Adoption and Industry Trend

According to the marketing head working under the payroll of a reputed remote working security solution provider in Mumbai, SASE is one of the most effective ways available these days for enterprises to protect their business-critical data, irrespective of where the same is located on the planet using –

Over the years the adoption percentage of SASE around the globe has been on the upward trend. By the end of 2025, it is expected that more than 60 per cent of small, medium and large-scale enterprises will adopt SASE as their primary cybersecurity solution.

The future of SASE is bright and it makes sense for enterprise managers to invest in this solution as soon as possible.

Business Benefits of SASE

According to a network engineer associated with a reputed company that provides DNS security solutions in Mumbai, the business benefits of SASE are many. Some of the most compelling ones are mentioned in the sections below –


  • SASE is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution hence, security services like web filtering, threat prevention, sandboxing and the likes can be delivered and implemented seamlessly.
  • Before the advent of SASE, an enterprise manager had to purchase and maintain multiple cyber security solutions that added to the overhead costs. That is not the case with SASE as it offers a myriad of cyber security solutions from a single platform and that too at reasonable rates.
  • SASE allows enterprise managers to simplify their IT infrastructure by reducing the number of cyber security products their in-house IT team has to manage on a day-to-day basis.
  • The overall performance of SASE as a cyber security solution is unparalleled as it allows enterprise managers to offer cyber security services to resources irrespective of their location thus securing access to enterprise apps and corporate data globally.
  • SASE data protection protocols are the most efficient when it comes to preventing abuse or unauthorized access to business-critical data.

Prisma Access is an emerging SASE-based Cybersecurity Product

According to reports coming out of some reputed providers of DNS protection and DNS security services in Mumbai, the leading provider of SASE solutions, Palo Alto Networks, recently unveiled Prisma SASE.

It is considered as a complete SASE solution that converges online security with Autonomous Digital Experience Management as well as SD-WAN into a single cloud-based solution that is pretty easy to manage.

The Unique Selling Points of Prisma SASE are as follows –

Video reference

In case one wants to learn more then they can refer to the following YouTube video about SASE services by Palo Alto Networks in association with Network Techlab.


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